My philosophy about design has been in the making since childhood. Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a passion for collecting, analyzing and creating things. My curiosity about my immediate surroundings, nature, materials and even about time, space, the universe and different cultures of people has led me in many directions. I have often boldly stepped outside the box. Someone once called me a “Renaissance woman” because I experimented with some unusual and adventurous endeavors for a woman.

Although my professional careers have tended to be more conventional in the science and business arenas, I think of my design philosophy as expressed in my artwork as holistic. My creations have an integrated organic flavor and rhythm to them, probably influenced most by my interest in biology. I also design and create works of art that are respectful of the materials and various techniques that I use.

I have worked in many media, including textiles, ceramics, metal and fiber sculpture, watercolor, and collage. For the past 20 years or so, I have focused primarily on designing and creating jewelry, much of which incorporates items from nature. My creations often feature natural rocks and gems. Specialty creations include semiprecious lapidary parts and special glass tied together with gold, silver and copper, or a combination thereof, to make elegant statements and heirlooms.

I think of my artwork as presenting a unique, innovative, interesting and provocative statement. In addition, my artwork is people-friendly and approachable. Where many artists seem to believe that art should shout at you to get your attention, I believe, instead, that art should bring joy to the person who is wearing it or viewing it. Art should connect to us on a heart level.