In 2018, after having moved from California to Battle Ground, Washington, my brother and I teamed up with a close friend to plan the design and construction of a new studio and workshop building on our 10-acre organic farm (for personal produce and eggs).  This studio and shop building had been my dream for many years. 

Our ambitious undertaking began in the summer of 2018 with the tear-down of an existing llama barn and storage shed and was finally completed in the summer of 2020.  During those two years, we had hired a series of design professionals, obtained permits and selected contractors, supervised the construction work, and personally finished many of the final touches for the project.

The first floor of the building includes a large carpentry shop, a two-car vehicle shop and a hot shop for welding, soldering and glass beadmaking, as well as a kiln for possible future ceramics work.

The studio portion of the building is on the second floor and includes a wet room for lapidary work (rock and gem sawing and polishing and metal work for setting stones) and a small seminar-type classroom. There is also about 1,000 square feet of open studio space with several design stations/workstations along the perimeter.  The open space also has a small hardwood floor in the center for practicing dance.  Ballroom/Latin dancing is another love of mine.

The open studio space can be converted to a showroom/sales space for special events, as can the large covered carport area adjacent to the first-floor shop area.